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The Vowels of Coaching: I is for Inspiration

Inspiration comes from within ourselves and from those we meet. One source of my inspiration is my great grandmother.

My great grandmother was very well spoken, a former Headmistress of British girls’ college. She sailed from Britain to New Zealand at 87 arriving in my life when I was 9. She frequently demanded that I ‘enunciate my vowels correctly’. I am using that theme to explore how coaching supports ‘enunciating yourself correctly’!

She is an inspiration to me. She was always elegantly dressed. I remember her cream silk blouses and tailored black and white striped suit – long jacket and straight skirt. I especially recall her engaging articulately and assertively in the dining table discussions that had previously been dominated by the male members of the household. She was my first role model of how to be heard as a woman.

She told me wonderful stories of her travels and her life and homes in Britain. She would also make-up an adventure each time I saw her. The power of her stories has stayed with me.

As a coach I have become even more aware of the power of storytelling. The stories we create about our own lives and the stories we create about other people’s motivations and lives can be a source of inspiration … or not.

Coaching helps you discover or recall what inspires you. Sometimes that is recalling previous goals or aspirations you had that still have power for you. For some of my clients this has meant recalling why they chose a certain career path and to consider whether that is still right for them now. Other times it involves remembering who inspired you and what their message would be to you now. Reviewing what is of value and importance to you at this time in your life can also inspire positive change to better realise your life goals.

Questions to ask yourself that may inspire your new story are

  • How would my younger self view my life now? Would I be delighted by who I have become?

  • If my great grandmother (or your inspirational person) was here what would she think of who I am and what I do?

  • As the hero in my own story, what do I want to do and be?

  • If I was being the best that I could be, how would I progress from here?

On this journey through our lives we often need a compass. Remembering who and what inspires us can act as our true north. This inspiration provides direction and energy to try out and make the changes we need to realise our goals and aspirations.

If this is something you would like to explore, contact Ann


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