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Coach Mentoring & Supervision

Working With Ann

If you are a coach wanting mentoring or supervision, working with Ann starts with a 30-minute exploratory meeting to establish the connection and whether it is a fit to work together. Some of the areas we will explore in that meeting include:

  • What you are looking for in a mentor or supervisor?

  • The timing and frequency of how we would work together.

  • Any other areas of interest that may be particular to the coach/mentor, coach/supervisor relationship (i.e. We are likely to approach mentoring slightly differently if its purpose is for you to gain a credential rather than deepen your coaching practice.)

Coach Mentoring

What it means

Ann provides individual mentoring for ICF credentialling and developmental mentoring to deepen your practice as a coach.

Mentoring is valuable to enhance and deepen one’s practice through review and analysis of recorded coaching sessions.

Ten hours of coach mentoring are required for credentialling with ICF with at least three of those hours to be individual mentoring.

What Ann offers

For maximum value for coaches wanting individual mentoring, Ann suggests three sessions.

Aspects of mentoring offered that are particularly powerful include:

  • identification of ‘choice-points’ and options for your coaching, and

  • a focus on how you want to show up as a coach

As well as providing mentoring through Turner International on their Coaching and Mentoring Professional Practice program (CMPP),  Ann offers one hour mentoring sessions or a package of three one hour sessions which includes your recording prior to our session.

Ann works virtually using Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams as most suitable for the client.

What you bring

You will need to provide a recording of your coaching prior to each of the sessions for review and discussion.

Supervision for Coaches

What it means

Supervision is about both learning and growing as people and coaches and dealing with the challenges – ethical and practical – that arise from providing services within a commercial context in the real world.

The purpose of supervision is to develop self-awareness and self-management as a coach within the context / system you have chosen to coach in. The adage “who you are is how you coach” signals the need to integrate and align ‘me as person’ with ‘me as coach’.

As coaches it is important that we remain fully present for the client and deepen our capacity to observe and respond. Reflective practice and coaching supervision supports this development along with our ability to recognise and change our reactions in the moment.


What Ann offers

Ann provides both Individual and Group Supervision.

Before working with Ann, coaches are required to provide a draft agreement to consider and agree to. The agreement outlines the parameters for the work, including Ann’s responsibilities as supervisor and yours as coach. It includes agreed outcomes for the program of work, as well as number and cost of sessions.

For Individual Coach Supervision, Ann offers One-off sessions or a discounted package consisting of four sessions.

Coaching supervision can also focus specifically on developing or deepening a narrative approach for your coaching. For further information on Narrative Coaching visit here - The Narrative Coach™ Program (


What you bring

Coaches will be expected to bring a specific topic of importance to you to consider in each session.

Depending on the chosen topic, the sessions may focus on:​





Developing your self-reflection and self-awareness and providing a place for exploration.

Providing a trusted space where you can reflect on your coaching and its impact, engage and experiment with options without judgement but with discernment.

Supporting you to maintain alignment between your values and aspirations as a coach and self when dealing with the realities of self-employment or being a contractor or employee.

Facilitating you as a coach to access deeper and different understanding of yourself.


"Ann is my mentor. Having worked with her in the renewal of my ICF ACC credential, I will continue to work with her for my own growth as a coach. Ann is thorough and candid in her feedback and refers back to the ICF core competency markers so that the learning fits within the ICF framework. Her professionalism and integrity shine through. Ann's mentoring was transformational for me, especially in articulating my strengths and growing my confidence as a coach. In the areas of learning, her feedback was actionable and I could see improvement immediately in my coaching sessions. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Eva Samaranch


March 2022

"I unreservedly recommend Ann as a mentor coach. Ann models deep listening and has an incisive capacity to bring underlying assumptions to light. Her laser-like focus ensures there's plenty of challenges, which help unlock unexpected insights and understanding.


I especially appreciate Ann's accommodating, flexible and generous approach, along with her extensive coaching expertise and wisdom. Her warmth and encouragement were the cherry on top!"

Julie Weste (MAPP, MBA, ACC, EIA)

Founder & Director - Qoligenic I Accredited Coach I Positive Psychology Practitioner I Facilitator

December 14, 2021

"I have no hesitation in recommending Ann if you are a professional coach seeking supervision. Ann’s style is thought provoking and challenging. Great qualities to bring to supervision conversations. I always felt I was in safe hands and yet also that I was being kept on my learning edge. Thanks Ann. Valuable work for me and thus also a benefit to my clients."

Jennie Hill, MCC MAICD

Executive Coach | Tailored Training Specialist | Facilitator | Coach Mentor

September 2021

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